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We are a London Tracing agency working UK wide to trace people for all reasons, and can provide current contact details for people who you have lost contact with. As an established, experienced and UK renowned people tracing specialists we pride in our high success rates and ever increasing flow of happy clients.

Do you need to trace a person for an upcoming event? We have traced people for family reunions School reunions and work or venture gatherings. We love putting people back in touch and have been known to reunite long lost loved ones, old school friends or people who have simply lost touch within hours!

Our expert team of people tracing specialists have over 20 years’ experience in the fine art of tracing and people finding.

A reliable solution

We often find clients have come to a standstill in their own research and now need an expert to complete the search. If you have been looking online, checking voters rolls, social media and other online publications and feel that you are unsure or bewildered by the huge amount of returns you have you may wish for our experienced experts to cleanse the date and offer a short simple but accurate report of where the person is now living.

IdeaFurther assistance for you

Our reports can also encompass areas such as marriages, births and deaths. We can also add additional details that have surfaced in our searches such as contact E-mail addresses, telephone numbers or social media accounts. In today’s world of social media we are finding an increasing amount of our submissions are being located via social media hence we have invested heavily in state of the art computer software specifically designed to search and route out accurate social media accounts for the people we are tracing. If you wish to have an experienced expert look over your case research your criteria and report back you’re in the right place. Call us today for more information on our expert people finding and data procurement searches.

How we do it !


  • They did a fantastic job with finding my daughter who I have not seen in 23 years



  • The staff here were very helpful locating my nephew. They Started contact and spoke with him to test the waters before we got in touch. Thank you for your hard work

    J. Pickerton


  • Worked very hard to locate someone I last saw in the 1960's. Her maiden name was a very popular surname, making the search quite painstaking. But through sheer hard work they got there in the end!

    Paul White

    Maidstone Kent

  • They Found my Ex-husband within 24hrs. Great Service would use again if needed.

    M Scott


  • They did a fantastic job with finding my daughter who I have not seen in 23 years

    Jacki Evans


  • I contacted them to locate my half-brother whom I have never met. They found him and confirmed he was adopted. They got his Facebook account details and I contacted him through there.

    Terry Andrew


  • They found my father who I haven’t seen since I was a 4 years old. Very emotional experience and the staff there were very supportive

    Jason Gibbons